About us

We started in 2004 with the production of plastic foundations, creating an original type, without an analogue all world wide. It was just the beginning of continuously increasing variety of beekeeping equipment. The whole process, starting with the designing and ending with the final product, offered to the beekeepers, passes through tests in our own apiary. We have long years practice in beekeeping, which gives us the inspiration and the ideas for creating new products.

We are thankful to the beekeepers, that are using our products for years already and also to our long-term business partners from Bulgaria and abroad- for their trust, confidence and loyalty. We realize the importance of observing the demands of modern beekeeping at the same time our goal is to provide the very best value – quality of product compared to price.

As a producers of plastic beekeeping equipment we have been awarded at IX International fair – Contracting “Beekeeping – Pleven 2011″,  XIII International fair – Contracting“Beekeeping – Pleven 2015″, XV International fair – Contracting“Beekeeping – Pleven 2017″

                                                                               Ing.Nikolay Hristov

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